Six Things Houston Renters Look For

Posted by Edinson Property Management on Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 at 10:41am.

The Houston rental market is getting stronger and we foresee a stable rental inventory in 2016. As demand grows, so do Tenant concerns over where they choose to rent and live. It may not be possible to accommodate everyone all the time, but listening to what renters want provides Houston Landlords and Investors with a competitive edge. There are several factors that are important to prospective Tenants looking to make a move. Most of these factors focus on property condition, while others depend on location or proximity to places of interest to Tenants. 


Always keep your home clean and fresh with a neutral scent. It does not have to be perfect, but take extra caution to keep the property clean. First impressions are definitely lasting ones, especially when the prospective Tenants are previewing multiple properties.  The best Tenants tend to stay away from messy homes because they read much more into it.  Usually, they relate the cleanliness with deferred maintenance, the dirtier the property is, the more they assume the Landlord has not paid any attention to preventative maintenance items. Most people don't want to live in a home where there is trash and bugs, or poorly maintained landscaping.


Safety is a major factor when it comes to renting a home or condo in Houston. Everyone wants to feel safe in and around their homes without the fear of something harmful happening. Location can play a large role into a prospective Tenant's perception of how safe the area is. Safety is hard to gauge because it tends to be associated with an individual's feeling of being safe. Unfortunately, there's little the landlord can do about this specific situation. But there definitely is plenty you can do with your home. First of all, Tenant Screening is a MUST! This allows you to weed out prospective tenants that may cause problems or create difficult situations in the future. It is always a good idea to have adequate lighting, solid locks, secure access to the property, and sometimes even a security system. 


Location is one of the most important words real estate, but it means something different to each tenant. For the most part, Tenants will look for a home that is within a certain proximity to their place of employment, place of worship, school, or family. Others will prefer a specific neighborhood or be looking for specific amenities offered by the subdivision. Some tenants do take serious consideration to the proximity to nearby grocery stores, shops and restaurants. It's always good to understand where your property is and what location benefits it offers to potential tenants so you can best market your Houston home for rent.

A Good School District

Another location-based preference for tenants looking to rent a Houston home is a good school district. Depending on the location of the home, the property will be zoned to a specific school district unless previous arrangements have been made to be assigned to a specific school. Sometimes school districts are so important to prospective tenants that they will sometimes overlook other problems with a property as long as it is in the right school district. When people want their child to go to a particular school, they will do just about anything to find a home in that area.


These are things that make life a bit easier and more convenient. There are amenities that have become more of a norm such as ceiling fans and dishwashers in the Houston rental market.  However, amenities in Houston rentals is usually referred to the inclusion of washer and dryer in a lease.  They can also imply an upgraded or renovated property that features updated granite countertops or solid surface counters. Another popular amenity are laminate flooring, real hardwood flooring or stone flooring. Additional items that can be considered amenities but may cause an increased amount of money to rent are pools, hot tubs and lush landscaping. These amenities and others like them can make a huge difference to those looking to rent a home in Houston, TX. 


It matters who you choose as your Property Management company. Tenants want to be treated professionally. They want to know that they will be respected and that their home will be maintained. They do not need the hassle of badgering you for repairs nor do they want you interfering too much in their lives. The tenant/landlord (or property management company) relationship is a professional one, and that is how we will represent you.

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