Dwelling Insurance for Your Property

If your property is a rental property, you should ensure that you have the proper coverage for your protection. A Dwelling Policy provides the best coverage for properties that are rented out. We provide three options that you Owners can choose from to make sure that the proper insurance coverage is being provided at all times.

Option 1: Owner provides proof of insurance coverage.

At the time of execution and all times during this agreement while the property is under management, Owner will maintain in effect:

  1. A public liability property insurance (Owner’s Insurance) with minimum coverage of $1,000,000 that names Edinson Property Management LLC as “Additionally Insured” on their Owner’s Insurance Policy.
  2. Owner understands that it is their responsibility to maintain adequate Fire, Flood, and extended coverage hazard insurance in an amount equal to the total replacement cost of the structure and other improvements.
  3. Owner must deliver to Property Manager a copy of insurance certificate with the coverage required within 15th day of the Commencement Date.

Option 2: Get a quote through the Edinson Property Management Master Insurance Policy.

Owners receive a quote through the Edinson Property Management Master Insurance Policy. This insurance coverage will place the home and homeowner under the Edinson Property Management Master policy ensuring the proper amount and type of coverage is always applied to the home.

A one-time enrollment fee of $50 will be incurred at sign up and charged in your Owner Portal. Property Manager will process quoted monthly premiums along with a $5.00 per month Administrative Fee on behalf of the Owner using the funds in the portfolio or lease proceeds.

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Option 3: Un-Insured Landlord Liability Coverage

Owners who do not provide proper insurance coverage will be enrolled in our Un-Insured Liability Coverage at a cost to the Owner of $35. The cost of this coverage will be removed once Owner completes Option 1 or Option 2.